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Featured Post

The flagship of small form factor modules-Qseven Computer-on-Modules

WhitePaper | 8/22/2017
Design considerations in the small form factor segment of Computer-on-Modules are critical these days as three form factor standards compete for the favor of engineers. At the end of the day, most will pick Qseven as recent studies predict. What is the secret behind these design considerations?

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  • There's life in the old dog yet - PC/104 Single Board Computer

    Industry Focus 7/22/2017
    One of the oldest genuine standards for industrial computers is still in good health. Numerous applications have been implemented on the basis of PC-compatible, pluggable PC/104 modules. Many are based on the ISA bus proven over decades. The demand for compact computing systems with a robust interfa...
  • Advantech High Brightness Display Solutions Shine on Digital Drive-thru Menu Boards

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/12/2017
    Digital drive-thru menu boards are one of the most proven ways to consistently increase quick service restaurant (QSR) sales. The eye-catching dynamic menus without the limitations of static posters and panels boosts sales by preselling and upselling brand new items and meal deal promotions. As the...
  • Advantech Industrial Display Kit Enhances Imaging Quality and Ruggedness for Portable Ultrasound...

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/12/2017
    Ultrasound is an effective diagnostic tool in emergency rooms, anesthesia, critical care, pain management, and other bedside ultrasound applications. They are used to help evaluate, diagnose and treat medical conditions, and their high resolution imaging and user-friendly interface improves diagnost...
  • Advantech Vandal-Proof LCD Display Kit Enhances Impact Strength for Spectrum Analyzer in Defense...

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/12/2017
    The growing market for wireless technology drives the growth in demand for spectrum analyzers with multi-tasking capabilities. Spectrum analyzers are increasingly used in the field especially in defense applications. The primary use is to measure the power of the spectrum of known and unknown signal...
  • Outdoor Bicycle-sharing Systems

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/7/2017
    In order to push energy efficiency and carbon reduction, more and more governments in different countries have built automatic bicycle rental systems and been encouraging its citizens to use non-polluting bicycles for short journeys. The bicycle-sharing systems provide convenient mobility, healthy e...
  • Social-EC-KACP-1706-WebcastMSFT-AVT

    Video 7/3/2017
  • Advantech Digital Signage in Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

    Case Studies Advantech | 6/22/2017
    Being as Taiwan's largest and busiest airport and the top 10 best airports in Asia in 2016, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport served more than 115,000 passengers per day. To assist a large of number of airline passengers every day, digital signage systems are very important. Digital signage acts...
  • Advantech Digital Signage Solutions Enhance China’s Flight Information Display Systems

    Case Studies Advantech | 6/22/2017
    In 2016, there were altogether 218 civil airports in China. The Chinese civil aviation industry registered a total cargo & mail traffic volume of 15.1 million ton/kilometers, carrying 1.01 trillion passengers, occupying the 2nd place in the world. To meet growing demand, China continues to expand th...
  • Design with Leading Display Technologies

    WhitePaper 6/12/2017
    Compared to commercial grade displays, industrial displays require ruggedness and longevity, and they must be able to operate in a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. Industrial displays are usually designed with longer life using more reliable materials for the backlight module and o...
  • Immersive CurveView™ Improving the Visual Experience with Curved Screen Displays

    WhitePaper 6/6/2017
    The ongoing growth of the global monitor industry has prompted the introduction of new technologies that have led to the development of various new products and applications. The curved screen touch monitor is one such new product. Besides consumer products that feature curved monitor designs, certa...
  • Enhancing Maintenance Flow Process and Customer Engagement in Auto Maintenance Centers

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/23/2017
    Digital Signage is now recognized as a necessity in many aspects of business. By looking at the industry of automation where digital signage can be implemented, we have highlighted some ways it can be effective. In this project, one of our customers, a chain of automotive maintenance centers in Shan...
  • SQRAM Provides Extreme Ruggedized Solution for Aircraft

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/19/2017
    Aerospace and defense systems require rugged and reliable platforms that can operate in challenging environments. Conditions in these fields are characterized by extreme heat, cold, dust, shock, and vibration. When it comes to DRAM memory modules inside these systems, individual bit errors are commo...
  • SQFlash Enhances Railway Stability with Utility Monitoring

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/19/2017
    High-speed railways have made a huge come back in recent years and now span the globe but in many countries, especially in developing ones, they provide a crucial mode of transport because they move a lot of people affordably with a minimum impact on the environment. They also quickly connect cities...
  • SQFlash SSD Protects Data from Sudden Power Failures for In-Vehicle Applications

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/19/2017
    System design for in-vehicle applications always present a big challenge because they need to cope with dramatic changes in operating environments such as wide temperature fluctuations, strong vibration, and humidity. Furthermore, because of power supply instability, they also need to cope with fluc...
  • High-Tech Systems 2017

    Events 3/3/2017
  • Interactive Whiteboard Boosts Business Communication and Collaboration

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/16/2017
    Businessmen attend a lot of meetings in order to discuss project ideas, brainstorm, and make face to contact with their colleagues and customers. At meetings, people traditionally record and share meeting minutes through notes scribbled in notebooks or take photos on their mobiles from a white board...
  • Intelligent Electronic Locker (IEL)

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/17/2016
    An Intelligent Electronic Locker (IEL) provides 24 hour auto logistics service, it connects to the IoT cloud via wire or wireless and users can interact with it via a touch panel. It is equipped with a payment system so users can pick up goods or ship goods via a given pass word, barcode, or other p...
  • Advantech SQFlash Design-To-Order Service for Defense and Aerospace

    Case Studies Advantech | 7/5/2016
    Computing system design for defense and aerospace applications are always a big challenge, they need to cope with dramatic changes in operating environments such as wide temperature fluctuations and humidity. They also need to cope with high vibration and shock impacts during operation. So the syste...
  • Autonomous Digital Signage in Vending with Media4Display

    Case Studies Advantech | 5/15/2016
    VDMS machines have integrated software for real-time monitoring, automated stock reordering, sales and transaction monitoring with digital advertising and information screens. Hundreds of VDMS vending machines are already installed across Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia and Canada.
  • PCIe SSD in Enterprise for Scientific Analysis Applications

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/8/2016
    Scientific analysis often includes huge amounts of data. For example, the human genome contains more than 3,000 million base-pairs. To map all the DNA sequences and create the genome simulation requires not only massive computing power, but also high data throughput and storage. In particle physics,...
  • Scalable SSD Solution for Data Center

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/8/2016
    Data centers contain huge quantities of storage drives, mostly consisting of traditional hard drives but increasingly Solid State Drives (SSD), and for performance oriented applications, cost efficiency is mostly counted with Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS)/$ not Gigabytes (GB)/$. In order...
  • Advantech’s Enterprise-Class SATA SSD Implemented for Urban Security

    Case Studies Advantech | 1/7/2016
    Demand for video surveillance and traffic control systems is growing because of increased infrastructure investments related to the construction of smart cities. The ongoing rise in video resolutions has also generated a need for enhanced video compression capabilities and greater storage capacities...
  • Quickly Extend Serial ATA Port for Railway NVR Application

    Case Studies Advantech | 11/17/2015
    Efficient transportation systems have played a critical role in maintaining steady economic development, enhancing the lifestyle of society as well as abating pollution. With increasing populations and travel demands, the development of modern integrated transportation systems is crucial, and modern...
  • High-Speed Serial USB/COM Module for HMI Application

    Case Studies Advantech | 11/17/2015
    Industry and machine manufacturers have reached an important milestone in Industrial automation. The invention of new machines and energy resources along with the reorganization of workflow processes, have contributed to the emergence of intelligent automation technology, and the Human Machine Inter...
  • COM-Express Basic (125x95 mm)

    COM-Express basic è il più recente fattore di forma COM 125mm x 95mm con diverse nuove interfacce ad alta velocità per schede di supporto, come grafica PCIe, PCIe, PCI, SATA e SDVO.
  • 3.5" Single Board Computers

    Advantech's 3.5" single board computers (SBCs) measure 146 x 102 mm feature MIO extension and wide temperature support.
  • Computer-on-Module

    Advantech RTX (RISC Technology eXtended), incorporato con processore ARM Cortex-A8 o Cortex-A9, è la più piccola specifica RISC COM, un fattore di forma ideale per applicazioni di computer incorporati compatti di nuova generazione. Il fattore di forma RTX fornisce sviluppatori di sistema e OEM con una specifica COM ...
  • MicroATX Motherboards

    Le schede madri MicroATX misurano solo 244 x 244 mm e sono ideali per applicazioni poco ingombranti e convenienti in cui sono necessari meno di 4 slot. Le schede madri MicroATX consentono la stessa integrazione elevata di ATX ma con un ingombro minimo che colma il divario tra il mini-ITX e l’ ATX completo, equilibrando ...
  • ARK-1000 Series: Ultra Slim Fanless Embedded Box PCs

    La serie di computer fanless ARK-1000 presenta design piccolissimi e bassi consumi che offrono capacità di archiviazione ed espansione sufficienti per una facile implementazione come computer incorporati. Questi PC incorporati fanno risparmiare energia e spazio offrendo prestazioni efficienti ideali per clienti piccoli, ...
  • ARK-2000 Series: Easy I/O Flexibility Fanless Embedded Box PCs

    La serie di computer fanless ARK-2000 presenta un design nuovissimo con I/O ricco, elevata flessibilità e capacità di facile espansione. Le robuste caratteristiche di questo computer incorporato comprendono ampi intervalli di potenza d’ingresso da 12V a 24V, un’ampia gamma di temperature da -20 a 60° C e un rinforzo ...
  • Industrial Display Kit

    La serie di kit di display industriali di Advantech fornisce soluzioni di display convenienti e vari dimensioni di pannelli LCD industriali che supportano funzioni di elevata luminosità, leggibilità alla luce solare e touchscreen resistivo e sono collaudati per operare con tutte le piattaforme incorporate di Advantech. Per ...
  • Wireless Modules

    Advantech Wireless Module Solutions include BT, WLAN, 3G/4G and GPS modules, which combine embedded modules with software as package for embedded vertical applications that SI and IPC vendors can easily implement wireless functions into their own applications.
  • Storage Modules

    Moduli di archiviazione Advantech che includono archiviazione industriale, mSATA, Cfast, SSD industriale, dischi a stato solido, schede SD e mini SATA. I moduli di archiviazione di Advantech combinano versatile l’archiviazione in supporti flash USB con il software di gestione avanzato come una soluzione definitiva per ogni ...
  • Software Embedded

    Le piattaforme software e hardware incorporate di Advantech migliorano insieme i servizi di cloud industriale e la tecnologia Microsoft Windows Embedded. I clienti sono liberi dal fastidio di trattare con più fornitori (fornitori hardware, integratori di sistema, distributori di SO integrati) per i progetti. Advantech ...
  • Mini-ITX Motherboards

    Le schede madri della serie Mini-ITX sono progettate con funzioni ricche e prestazioni affidabili in un ingombro minimo che misura appena 170 x 170 mm. Le piattaforme molto integrate della scheda madre Mini-ITX presentano bassi consumi di meno di 100 Watt e hanno un solo slot di espansione di base. Sono piattaforme ideali ...
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