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Comunicazione Industriale

Advantech è leader globale nella progettazione e produzione di schede I / O plug-in e fornisce una gamma completa di prodotti industriali di acquisizione (DAQ) e controllo dati che sono ampiamente utilizzati in applicazioni industriali e di laboratorio, quali: monitoraggio, controllo del movimento, acquisizione di dati e test automatici. Ci sono cinque categorie principali di moduli: PC/104, PCI-bus, ISA-bus, basati su USB e CompactPCI tra cui moduli USB, PC/104, schede ISA, driver di I / O, moduli di condizionamento segnale, morsettiere e sistemi CompactPCI. Con morsetti di cablaggio ricchi e un supporto software completo, Advantech fornisce soluzioni industriali affidabili, efficienti e con risparmio di costi. I prodotti DAQ di Advantech possono anche essere semplicemente in bundle con telai di PC industriali versatili, backplane, moduli CPU, monitor a schermo piatto e computer di automazione incorporati.

Product Categories

  • Industrial Ethernet Solutions

    La soluzione industriale Ethernet di Advantech fornisce switch Ethernet e convertitori media con varie caratteristiche, da Ethernet veloce a Gigabit, da rame a fibra ottica e al Power over Ethernet. Gli switch Ethernet gestiti di Advantech incorporano la tecnologia X-ring che offre il più breve tempo di recupero ring ridondante (<10ms). Inoltre, il design robusto, l’ampia gamma di temperature, la guida DIN e le potenze d’ingresso ridondanti da +12 a 48 VDC rendono i nostri prodotti adatti alle robuste applicazioni industriali.

    • Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

      With no setup required, Advantech’s unmanaged Ethernet switches are truly plug-and-play. These unmanaged Ethernet switches are designed for use in demanding industrial environments, offering unmatched performance, reliability, and value. All ports are equipped with memory buffers and the store-and-forward mechanism to assure that data can be safely transmitted. Models of unmanaged Ethernet switches are available in standard 10/100Mbps and gigabit 10/100/1000Mbps speeds, with both copper wire and fiber optic connections. As for system safety and stableness, we strengthen our unmanaged Ethernet switches with power polarity reverse protection and overload current resettable fuse functionality to give users a seamless and stable connection experience.
    • Managed Ethernet Switches

      Advantech's managed Ethernet switches allow users to expand their industrial network quickly and efficiently, while their rugged industrial-grade design assures reliability and stability. Our managed Ethernet switches provide fast Ethernet and gigabit combo ports as well as numerous network protocols, such as SNMP, PROFINET, and Ethernet/IP, thus assisting in achieving critical communication interoperability for industrial IoT applications. Moreover, Advantech’s managed Ethernet switches utilize X-Ring technology to minimize system downtime, offering less than 20 ms recovery times to further ensure network reliability and transmission speed, making them the ideal solution for various network deployments.
    • Industrial PoE Switches & Solutions

      Advantech's PoE solutions provide multiple ports with PoE injector functionality with up to 30W per port for powering IEEE802.3af/at-compliant devices (PD) via an Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for additional wiring. With PoE injector support, all ports are available to contribute to delivering a centralized power supply for automation applications. Furthermore, our PoE switches come with a compact metal housing with an IP30 rating, making them suitable for use in dusty industrial environments. Advantech’s PoE products are easy to install and deliver reliable remote power to your devices, thus offering an industrial-grade unit with a rugged housing for use in harsh environments.
    • EN50155 Ethernet Switches

      With an M12 connector design, Advantech’s EN50155 Ethernet switches are designed to withstand severe shock and vibration, making them reliable for uninterrupted rail communication in rolling stock or moving vehicles. Our EN50155 Ethernet switches can be used in various rolling stock applications such as CCTV, passenger infotainment systems, communication-based train control, train control management systems, and so on. They can also be installed for moving vehicle applications including video surveillance and seatback entertainment systems on city trains, subways, trams, buses, and more.
    • IEC61850-3 Ethernet Switches

      Advantech offers the highest quality IEC61850-3 certification industrial switches for the Power and Energy Automation applications. With their durable and robust design, users are able to implement the Ethernet solutions in station-level, bay-level and process-level power substation applications. All the products fulfill the highest demands for the most extreme and harshest environments in the Power Industry to further strengthen energy management and monitoring.
    • Media Converters

      Advantech's Industrial Ethernet Media Converters are compact and robust devices designed to convert Gigabit Ethernet or Fast Ethernet networks into Gigabit or Ethernet fiber optic networks by transparently converting digital electric Ethernet signals to optical signals. Our Media Converters are also designed to provide internal jumpers for Link Fault Pass-through (LFP) setting. With sophisticated industrial technology, Advantech ensures the reliability of Ethernet media converters for any gigabit Ethernet and fast Ethernet solutions, ideal for fiber-to-building applications at central offices or local sites.
    • SFP Modules

      Advantech's Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver family is available in a variety of types, allowing users to ensure Fast Ethernet network and select the appropriate transceiver for each link, while the secure lock design can fix the SFP module firmly into the switch. As a transceiver module, our SFP product line offers a rich set of choices in terms of speed, protocols, and reach to supported transmission media; also compatible with PoE Injector, and Industrial wireless antenna. Advantech's SFP module family also features a compact design to provide high port density which is compliant with Fast Ethernet and IEEE802.3z Gigabit Ethernet standards. With multiple exclusive features, it can be applied with PoE Injector, and Industrial wireless antenna, our hot pluggable SFP module family ensures networks operate with maximum performance, reliability, and flexibility.
  • Fiber Networks

    Advantech's Fiber Media Converters are designed to provide network operators with the most compact, reliable and cost-effective solution for connecting intelligent devices into existing networks and equipment. Our managed and unmanaged models feature duplex or single fiber, PoE, and FTTX mode converters.

    • Miniature 10/100 Mbps Copper to Fiber Media Converters

      The MiniMc LFPT family is one of the industry’s smallest media converters measuring only 3.5 x 2 inches and offers Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) for ease of troubleshooting fault conditions. Copper distances can be extended 2 km to 80 km with DIN Rail or rack mount bracket mounting options.
    • Miniature Gigabit Copper to Fiber Ethernet Media Converters

      The Giga-MiniMc LFPT family is one of the industry’s smallest Gigabit media converters measuring only 3.5 x 2 inches and offers Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) for ease of troubleshooting fault conditions. Copper distances can be exteded 220/500 m to 10 km with SC models and SFP port models offer various distances. All available with DIN Rail or rack mount bracket mounting options.
    • Industrial Grade, Wide Temp Gigabit Copper to Fiber Ethernet Media Converters

      The IE-Giga-MiniMc with LFPT family is one of the industry’s smallest extended temperature Gigabit media converters measuring only 3.5 x 2 inches and offers Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) for ease of troubleshooting fault conditions. Copper distances can be exteded 220/500 m to 15 km with SC models and SFP port models offer various distances. All available with DIN Rail or rack mount bracket mounting options.
    • 3 Port Gigabit Copper to Fiber Ethernet Media Converters

      The Giga-McBasic-II features two 10/100/1000Mbps copper ports and one SFP fiber port with Link Fault Pass Through (LFPT) for ease of troubleshooting fault conditions.
    • PoE Gigabit Ethernet Media Converters

      The PoE and PoE Giga-MiniMc/LFPT are Power Source Equipment (PSE) that feature 2 -10/100/1000Base-T copper ports and one SFP uplink port that supports either copper or fiber SFP. The PoE Giga-MiniMc is capable of powering two Powered Devices (PD) over standard CAT5 cable or better, whereas the PoE Giga-MiniMc/LFPT can power one PD device via a copper port while delivering data over the other copper port.
    • Managed Gigabit Demarcation Ethernet Media Converter

      The IE-MultiWay is a value-based, Carrier-class managed Gigabit Ethernet solution that is ideal for use as Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) at the customer’s network edge as well as fiber networks. It combines media conversion with network management and trouble shooting features which include port based VLAN and VLAN trunks, IEEE 802.1ad (Q-in-Q) and user definable EtherType.
    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Media Converter

      Satisfying today’s networking needs while preparing for tomorrow’s cabling requirements can make designing and installing the physical layer of networks a daunting task. The decreasing cost of fiber optic cabling and switching equipment makes all-optical LANs the obvious choice when future-proofing network equipment. Replacing legacy equipment and wiring infrastructure is a costly choice. Managed media conversion allows implementation of new technologies on existing networks, while monitoring all connections, to keep networks running and up-to-date.
    • Modular Chassis

      Reduce expenses and overcome media and mode conversion challenges with the iMediaChassis series. These modular chassis networking solutions allow you to change protocols by changing the module, rather than the entire unit.
    • Mode Converters

      Extend your reach and easily make connections with our fiber mode converters. These Ethernet mode converters are flexible, easy-to-configure solutions for connecting fiber segments with dissimilar fiber types.
    • 10/100 Mbps Managed Optical Demarcation Compact CPE Device

      The compact IE-MiniFiberLinX-II provides point-to-point fiber optic connections with a unique management tool to monitor the entire link between two locations. IE-MiniFiberLinX-II CPE for fiber optic networks allows service providers to deliver “triple-play” voice, video and data services to customer premises.
    • Ethernet SNMP-Manageable Media Converter

      The IE-iMcV-2xLIM, TX/SFP is a Fast Ethernet module which provides two conversions of 100Base-TX twisted pair to 100Base-FX/SX singlemode or multi-mode fiber. There are two sets of ports, RJ-45 (copper) and SFP (fiber). The SFP port supports all MSA and Cisco compliant, SC, LC and single-strand fiber (SSF), 155 Mbps SFPs. Designed as a Layer 1 device, the IE-iMcV-2xLIM is entirely transparent to both Layer 2 and Layer 3 protocols. The IE-iMcV-2xLIM is SNMP-manageable and can be installed into the modular, SNMP-manageable iMediaChassis or the MediaChassis series.
    • SNMP Management Module

      Network management module allows for centralized monitoring of LAN/WAN.
    • Accessories

      Industry-leading Ethernet and networking accessories you need for all your industrial applications. From advanced network management to DIN rail power supply adapters, these Ethernet accessories provide reliability at a great value.
  • Serial Device Servers

    I server per dispositivi seriali di Advantech sono facili da installare e configurare, supportano reti cablate e wireless e offrono varie modalità di funzionamento per soddisfare le rigorose esigenze dell’automazione industriale. I server EKI-1000 consentono ai dispositivi seriali RS-232/422/485 di essere doppiamente connessi tramite gli switch Ethernet per un’affidabilità ineguagliabile. La linea di prodotti copre server per dispositivi seriali cablati e wireless (WLAN, GPRS, 3G), modbus gateway e server per dispositivi programmabili.

    • Serial Device Servers

      Advantech’s serial device servers are easy to install and configure. They also support wired and wireless networking and provide various operation modes to satisfy rigorous industrial automation needs. Our dual/single Ethernet wired serial device servers bring RS-232/422/485 to your LAN, with various choices of 1–16 ports and DIN-rail configurations to suit your rugged field environment. Our wireless solution employs cellular gateways to transparently integrate serial devices into a cellular network, creating a smooth wireless connection experience. This solution is also equipped with magnetic isolation ability; our cellular network-based wireless solutions protect your RS-232/422/485 serial devices and ensure overall connection stability. Advantech offers cost-efficient solutions for your RS-232/422/485 connectivity and conversion challenges in industrial automation. Being certified by IEEE, our serial device servers can transform your serial devices into Ethernet devices with wired and wireless cellular network functionality.
    • Wireless Device Server

      Advantech’s wireless device server brings RS-232/422/485 to your WLAN or LAN. Allowing nearly any device with a serial port to be connected to and shared on a WLAN, our wireless device server provides a quick, simple, and cost-effective means of bringing the advantages of remote management and data accessibility to thousands of devices that would otherwise be unable to connect to a network. With our wireless device server, your existing serial devices can be used with the most popular operating systems on the market. There is no need to write special drivers for specific operating systems. Moreover, you can make serial devices communicate with other devices peer-to-peer, without any intermediate host PCs or software programming, which can save a considerable amount of cost and effort. You can also actively request data or issue commands from the RS-232/422/485 side or WLAN side, and data can be sent bilaterally. Thus, our wireless device server is particularly suitable for remote monitoring systems such as those used in security, factory automation, SCADA, transportation, and more.
    • Modbus Gateways

      Fully compliant with Modbus/TCP, our Modbus gateway offers a convenient solution for connect existing devices or controllers running the Modbus serial protocol (Modbus/ASCII or Modbus/RTU) to an Ethernet network. Featuring built-in Ethernet switches, Advantech’s Modbus gateways provide transparent connectivity between Modbus/ASCII, Modbus/RTU serial devices, and Ethernet-based Modbus/TCP equipment. Our gateways can fulfill flexible installation and web browser configuration requirements for remote monitoring applications. Our Modbus gateway products provide a simple and cost-effective means for bringing the advantages of remote management and data accessibility to devices that otherwise cannot connect to a network, easily allowing you to convert Modbus/ASCII and Modbus/RTU to Modbus/TCP.
    • USB Device Server

      Advantech’s USB serial device server allows PC users to connect serial devices via a LAN to systems that use USB interfaces such as USB monitors, printer, and scanners. USB-to-LAN serial device servers enhance user-intuitiveness and efficiency while cutting hardware requirements and other costs, and they enable the immediate conversion of connected devices, thus allow access from anywhere on your network. With hot swap and bus-powered support, our USB-to-LAN serial device servers avoid delays and problems from having to restart complex equipment, and there is no need for an external power supply. Our hot-swappable USB device servers come with bundled software, thus requiring no further card slots or IRQ addresses to be setup, a simple way to extend and share your USB device over long distances, for multiple users connected to your Ethernet network maintaining a virtual environment.
  • Industrial Wireless

    Le soluzioni industriali wireless di Advantech comprendono dei vantaggiosi AP/CPE di base per Mesh AP/stazioni multifunzione di fascia alta. Per soddisfare le esigenze e coprire tutti i tipi di applicazioni, disponiamo di diverse configurazioni di frequenza dalla 2.4GHz e 5GHz fissa a una 2.4 o 5 GHz selezionabile. Per la serie Mesh AP, forniamo anche fino a 2 e 3 modelli radio in una singolo dispositivo a scopi di ridondanza.

    • EKI-6332GN

      The EKI-6332GN is a feature rich wireless AP/Client which provides a reliable wireless connectivity for industrial environments. The PoE injector enhances flexibility in deployment of this AP/Client even where the DC power supply is hard to fulfill. As an 802.11n compliant device, EKI-6332GN provides 6 times higher data rates than legacy 802.11g devices. With the support of STP, WMM and IGMP snooping protocols, EKI-6332GN effectively improves the reliability of wireless connectivity, especially in applications that need high reliability and high throughput data transmission. To secure wireless connections, EKI-6332GN implements the latest encryption technologies including WPA2/WPA/802.1x for powerful security authentication.
  • USB to Serial Converters, Hubs and Isolators

    B+B SmartWorx powered by Advantech USB products provide plug and play convenience with industrial ruggedness. Look for the orange connector -- you’ll find a high retention port that’s 50% stronger than a conventional USB port. It won’t let go until you want it too. Plus, it works with any standard USB Cable. You'll also find isolation protection built into many of our USB products. It prevents common surges, spikes and ground loops from damaging your equipment.

    • USB Converters

      Connect serial devices to USB ports with USB-to-serial converters. We carry all types of USB to RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and TTL converter models including ruggedized, isolated, multi-port, single port, in-line, panel mount, DIN rail mount, and more. These USB to serial converters offer simple, superior connectivity solutions for a variety of applications in banking, retail, industrial, field service, instrumentation, point-of-sale, security and labs.
    • USB Hubs

      Our range of USB 2.0 hubs includes award-winning products that are EMC tested and designed for the harshest environments. Whether you want an industrial grade product or an OEM embedded USB hub module, our selection include cost-effective options that provide durability, flexibility, and high performance.
    • USB Isolators

      BB SmartWorx Powered by Advantech has all the USB isolators you need to provide protection against harmful noise, ground loops, surges, and spikes. From compact USB port isolators for field service applications to EMC tested rugged isolators for unfriendly electrical environments, our products will keep your computer and data secure and safe.
    • USB Accessories

      Extend your USB connections with high-performance USB and USB-to-serial cables - available in a variety of lengths to meet your connectivity requirements.
  • Serial Converters, Repeaters and Suppressors

    To keep your serial equipment communicating and smoothly integrated with new technologies, B+B SmartWorx has developed the most extensive line of serial conversion and isolation products on the market. Built to handle the most demanding environments, our serial products are both rugged and reliable.

    • Data Taps, Splitters, Combiners, Switches, Line Boosters

      Whether you need serial data taps, testers, port splitters, line boosters or port combiners, these simpler technology tools can help you complete your communications system.
    • PCI Serial Port Cards

      Device connectivity is made easy and reliable with PCI serial port cards. Control or access data with fast, cost-effective communications from a variety of serial devices. PCI serial cards are ideal for industrial and time-sensitive applications including automotive diagnostics, HVAC, point-of-sale, court reporting, security and SCADA.
    • Serial Accessories

      Serial accessories for your network ensure reliable serial device connections with cables, null modems, replacement fuses, copper grounding straps, wiring terminal boards, and other accessories.
    • Serial Converters

      Our industrial RS-232 to RS-422 and RS-485 converters are ideally suited for the industrial automation market and other “control panel” applications. Some offer triple isolation and hardened Class 1 Division 2 certification for use in hazardous locations and temperature extremes.
    • Serial Repeaters

      With our data isolation and data repeaters, you can protect your electronics from power spikes, lightning surges, dangerous ground loops, and accidental high voltage shorts, while increasing your data line range.
    • Surge Suppressors

      Protect your equipment and data from harmful power surges and voltage spikes with industrial surge protectors. Our heavy duty and single stage surge protectors can manage all your essential surge suppression requirements.
  • WebAccess/NMS System

    Advantech WebAccess/NMS is a web browser-based software package for networking management system (NMS). It is designed with SNMP and ICMP communication standards for managing all Ethernet-Enabled Advantech products and third-parties’ devices. WebAccess/NMS can bring users an easy-to-use platform to monitor and manage networking remotely. WebAccess/NMS enables industrial grade centralized networking management.

    • WebAccess/NMS

      Advantech WebAccess/NMS is a web browser-based software package for networking management system (NMS). Advantech WebAccess/NMS is designed with SNMP and ICMP communication standards for managing all Ethernet-Enabled Advantech products and third-parties’ devices. WebAccess/NMS can bring users an easy-to-use platform to monitor and manage networking remotely. WebAccess/NMS enables industrial grade centralized networking management. A synthetic platform developed for monitoring, setting and maintaining devices via IP-based network. WebAccess/NMS includes Device Management, Alarm Management, Efficiency Management, Topology Management and System Management
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