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Industrial Grade SODIMM DDR4 2133/2400 with Thermal Sensor
  • 30u” Golden Finger
  • Wide Temp range: -40oC~85oC
  • Tier one original chip using
  • 100% Screening Test
  • EEPROM with Thermal sensor
  • Reliability/compatibility test by in-house testing/ 12hr Burn-In Test
*JEDEC standard 1.2V (1.26V~1.14V) power supply
*JEDEC standard 260-pin Dual In-Line Memory Module
*Operating temperature range: -40 °C ≤ TCASE ≤ 85 °C
*30u" Gold Finger
*100% Screening Test

Product Specifications Download Spec

  • Part Number
  • Details
  • Capacity
  • Category
  • Clock Speed
  • Dimensions(mm)
  • Gold plating on PCB
  • Operational Temperature
  • Pins/DIMM
  • Voltage


  • Capacity

    SQR-SD4I-16G2K1SNB 16GB
    SQR-SD4I-4G2K1SNB 4 GB
    SQR-SD4I-8G2K1SNB 8 GB
  • Category

  • Clock Speed

    SQR-SD4I-16G2K1SNB 2133 Mbps
    SQR-SD4I-4G2K1SNB 2133 Mbps
    SQR-SD4I-8G2K1SNB 2133 Mbps
  • Dimensions(mm)

    SQR-SD4I-16G2K1SNB 69.6 x 30
    SQR-SD4I-4G2K1SNB 69.6 x 30
    SQR-SD4I-8G2K1SNB 69.6 x 30
  • Gold plating on PCB

    SQR-SD4I-16G2K1SNB 30µ
    SQR-SD4I-4G2K1SNB 30µ
    SQR-SD4I-8G2K1SNB 30µ
  • Operational Temperature

    SQR-SD4I-16G2K1SNB -40 ~ 85 °C
    SQR-SD4I-4G2K1SNB -40 ~ 85 °C
    SQR-SD4I-8G2K1SNB -40 ~ 85 °C
  • Pins/DIMM

    SQR-SD4I-16G2K1SNB 260-Pin SODIMM
    SQR-SD4I-4G2K1SNB 260-Pin SODIMM
    SQR-SD4I-8G2K1SNB 260-Pin SODIMM
  • Voltage

    SQR-SD4I-16G2K1SNB 1.2 V +/- 0.06 V
    SQR-SD4I-4G2K1SNB 1.2 V +/- 0.06 V
    SQR-SD4I-8G2K1SNB 1.2 V +/- 0.06 V

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